Elfjoy diamonds come along other exquisite gems at elfjoy. We pride ourselves in soulful, unique and rarest stones and so are our diamonds. A soulful diamond has an outsider’s spirit, with its bare, unaltered beauty of dimed color, uneven shape, curious light and strong personality, to embrace forever.


As we firmly stand by our philosophy, the diamonds we use could not be the commonly used 4C’s (unification of qualities -color, clarity, cut and carat - popularized in the 1940s by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), to achieve a common standard for appraising the stone). We want our diamonds to be free spirits, vibrant with individual luster, as lovingly made and carried by mother nature for billions of years. With their particular inner life that ignites our admiration, the following are the kinds of diamonds we use the most./p>

Naturalne piękno

Natural diamonds with their internal beautiful flaws are a rarity, shaped by forces of nature with strong character, that could never by achieved with a lab grown material. Omnipotent powerful wisdom of nature makes a statement with a diamond, one of the strongest, with a piercing luster, we wish to respect that inspiring creation as it is.

Proces Kimberly

While embracing imperfections and genuine character it is also important to us to make sure all of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberly Process of conflict free diamonds, meaning not only that resources are not founding conflict anywhere in the world, but undergo careful tracing to the mine, where no child labor is allowed.

Różnorodne zabarwienie

Even though carrying similar properties, that can’t be distinguished with the naked eye, its tiny amounts of nitrogen that are found in natural diamonds that tell the difference between the natural and man-made. Diamonds natural coloring is showing us a fraction of a different mineral introduced within the diamond structure during the growth process.

Champagne diamonds

In nature, diamonds exist in all hues and colors, starting from traditional white diamonds, through all the shades of yellow, brown, green, grey and black. The diamond color is influenced by the presence of various minerals during the formation process of the stone – all created naturally. Amongst those, we deeply cherish the ones with the ‘champagne’ hue – the yellows and browns, which have delicate glow to them.

Salt and pepper diamonds

During the growth process, flecks of minerals have accumulated to create little freckles within the stone. The freckled look of the stone, gives it unique, mysterious, intriguing aura.

Black diamonds

Amongst our diamonds, you may also find dark, intense black stones. Contrary to common belief, black diamonds have beautiful, sparkling, fierce light to them. The depth of the tone gives them elegant and seductive glow.

Rough diamonds

In our jewelry we also use rough, un-cut, unpolished diamonds, embracing their natural, octahedron, double pyramid alike shape. Amongst the diamonds we mount, we also have diamonds with visible inclusions of minerals, which entwine with light to create marvelous worlds.

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