Gems we offer at elfjoy had a tumultuous undercover life of a brilliant spy, adventurer, meandering through underground passages, sustaining pressure beyond belief for millions of years, heat and travels through the most unimaginable conditions this planet created in her underground kingdom. Mingling in encounters with other intergalactic voyagers, shaped their unique flamboyant personality until .. they caught a glimpse of light. When we think of them in terms of desirable character they are alike soulful character- free spirited, contained and effortlessly charming, at ease - partner in crime for now and beyond time...


These fabulous blissful minerals were discovered by a well-known geologist living on the island, Fabrice Danet in southern Madagascar in 2007 - sent for detailed analysis by the GIA - the research confirmed the enthusiast's suspicion that there is earthy green diopsoide inside rose quartz, occasionally also grosular and epidote.

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Tiny Blue

Tiny blue - quartz with lazurite - one of the members of the elfjoy gem gang. Each piece densely and generously sowed with essence of blue - the lazurite - how amazing that the most renowned deposits of lazurite known for centuries are found in Pakistan and that tiny piece of quartz somehow managed to amass earthly undercurrent of this mineral in a distant Madagascar. This reminds of of the omnipotent forces of Earths creation.

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Aquamarine with Ilmenite

Aquamarine with Ilmenite .. a true interstellar prince - found on Madagascar where ilmenite is a mineral that can also be found on the moon. It reminds us that we are a tiny fraction of a universe where dusts of creation travel and we are a part of that journey. Ilmenite sways on the slopes of some mountain springs, and lits up earths most secret undercurrents.

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Elfjoy diamonds come along other exquisite gems at elfjoy. We pride ourselves in soulful, unique and rarest stones and so are our diamonds. A soulful diamond has an outsider’s spirit, with its bare, unaltered beauty of dimed color, uneven shape, curious light and strong personality, to embrace forever.

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