Essence of elfjoy

elfjoy is a Warsaw based brand established by Kasia Kucharska at the beginning of 2003 specialising in unique single pieces of jewellery.

The very essence of our work comes from admiration of nature at its core, the unaltered beauty of rarest natural gemstones. When the light goes through a gem and enlivens it’s internal And natural world by giving it color and moving its soul.

And tiny beauty matters.

Elfjoy likes gems as they are and finds it alluring and distinctively special for a gem to be imperfect and have flamboyant inclusions. For us it signifies character and personality of the stone. Just like a character and looks of a fascinating person.

In a world of unified repetitive standards we like the true genuine uniqueness. Ever present undercurrent of our work is curiosity and passion, reaching out and constantly improving our knowledge and understanding of the mineral world.

Elfjoy's journey

From the very beginning of elfjoy’s journey we have been learning from the best gemologists around the world, travelling to remote places establishing trustful connections with specialists and authorities whose lives and fascinating stories enrich our work. We believe that there is great meaning in a good conversation and getting to know someone.

The stones

The stones we exclusively use at elfjoy- rose quartz with diopside and aquamarine with ilmenite have also been appraised and examined by the most solid institution in gemmology, the Gemmological Insitute of America (GIA).


It’s a great privilege to take you on board of the journey with us, sharing our world, advising on a piece you dreamt of or a very special gift. Our work is a dialogue where your expectations inspire.

Bearing in mind that our handcrafted single pieces set in gold are a true treasure we also offer tiny gems on silk thread as keys to the gemstone realm, little companions of travels and meaningful gifts to dear ones.

Kasia Kucharska

Kasia Kucharska is an avid photographer and wonderer, trained as a lawyer both in Polish and American law decided to direct her professional life to a soulful and creative field. She is the photographer at elfjoy capturing what grasped her years ago - color and light. Kasia’s nature and travel photography was presented at numerous exhibitions long before she established elfjoy. Looking at the world, observing it with careful admiration might have been what opened the door to the world of gems. Fulfilling in a way childhood dreams of fairytale magical sesames, hidden treasures and voyages - elfjoy was born.

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