These fabulous blissful minerals were discovered by a well-known geologist living on the island, Fabrice Danet in southern Madagascar in 2007 - sent for detailed analysis by the GIA - the research confirmed the enthusiast's suspicion that there is earthy green diopsoide inside rose quartz, occasionally also grosular and epidote


Personal acquaintance with Fabric allowed us to start working with those freckled rose quarts immediately after their discovery, in the world of gemmologists who are know for passionate approach to the most unusual specimens from the most distant places in the world, which allows us to see them and work with them even before they are verified and tested by serious international institutions.

We adore them deeply.

The the rose peppered gems carry the beauty of millions of years of twisted life full of inner underground struggles, travels, and maybe even surfing on the tectonic plates of the Indian Ocean. So many extraordinary circumstances had to arise, so many coincidences that the soft, almost fragrant, delicate pink of these gentle stones would be seasoned with a tasty pepper of earthy green diopsides. We adore them deeply.


How pleasant it is to watch them with you - then a certain magic happens because it turns out that a special gem unexpectedly calls ot to you, or maybe whistles like a cool buddy yelling from the yard through the balcony - a buddy in which you like everything - protruding ears, blushing cheeks and loud laughter. That is how they reach out to you, luminous, blushing, some misty, moonlit, covered with a quiet pale haze, sometimes two-color, always one of a kind, when one of a kind means singular like a fingerprint.

Noble authenticity

Untouched and indifferent to common unified demands of altered and sometimes artificial beauty. They remind us of the charm and friendly power of what is real and unique. Looking at them, we remind ourselves that apparent perfection and predictable repetition give way to noble authenticity in which a gentle good peace sleeps.

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