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Among foreign perennials - beautiful phloxes, pink and purple peas and wild roses ... Resting in the morning sunshine, unique necklaces with aquamarines, nestled in delicate, cotton sheets.


Necklace with a deep blue colored aquamarine casted in gold-plated silver, on a chain with two exquisite watermelon tourmalines, pink tourmalines and labradorite.
Single piece available.
Necklace length: 61cm.

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Flowers planted by Kasia, several years ago, on a charming piece of land, among mountainous fields. After hot nights, phloxes greedily drink the morning dew, and peas sway lazily in the wind. The sweet, sticky scent of roses floats carelessly in the air.
Necklace length: 61cm
Pendant dimensions: 2.3 x 1.8 cm
The aquamarin pendant is cast in a silver, coated with 14-carat gold. The stone pendant is enhanced with synthetic materials. The stone within the necklace is not perfect, it contains natural inclusions which give each one a one-of-a-kind, individual feel.
All information on the materials used may be found in the tab “Materials Used”. Since each piece of elfjoy jewelry is handmade, in singular pieces from natural stones, it may slightly vary from the one visible on the photos – nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it will be less beautiful. For special orders, we may adjust the length of the necklace according to your preference. In this case, please write the desired length in the comment box while making your order. A necklace made to your preferred length will be treated as a custom order product, where according to terms and conditions, returns are not accepted for orders made to measure.


In elfjoy, we like to listen deeply to our inner voices and intuition when it comes to choosing stones. We believe, that the stones are able to seduce us with their inner glow and soul. Therefore, we highly suggest you, to listen to your inner voice, gut feeling, when choosing your perfect elfjoy jewelry. If you’d like to know what your inner voice says, read the meaning of the stones below.

A blue tinted variation of beryl is known as the Aquamarine. Also known as the "Stone of Courage", bringing courage to shy people, helping express them their emotions, achieve their goals and gain financial benefits. Aquamarines are sourced in Columbia, South America but also in Pakistan. Pink tourmaline - rubellite - symbolizes female energy, is said to bring love and friendship. It is associated with healing emotional wounds, removing stress and tension and bring everyday happiness. Green Tourmaline is perceived as a stone that positively affects health. It has a rejuvenating effect and prevents physical and mental exhaustion. It also helps you in your pursuit of success. The shimmering Labradorite with a thousand colors, demonstrating pleochroism, is said to bestow originality and enthusiasm on the wearer. Its also known to help to find a life passion and to follow its path with enthusiasm and persistence.


Each product is carefully and tenderly wrapped including descriptions of the gemstones. Whenever you choose the option “wrap as gift”, we include our seasonal bag with a captivating picture taken by Kasia. We would like to make your elfjoy experience special and relaxing while opening your package, something worth slowing down for and enjoying the moment. This is why, in every elfjoy parcel you will find a lavender-chamomile tea, hand made in our store. Within the layers of vibrant paper, you may also find a sweet treat.

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